Blogging Tools | The Essentials

blogging tools

Besides buying a domain name, there are 3 essential tools you will need to make an income from your blog.

  • Hosting
  • Theme
  • Autoresponder

I didn’t want to create a massive page of top 10 choices for each category, which winds up just being overwhelming.

Here’s what we use and recommend.

Hosting: WPX Hosting

This consistently ranks #1 for speed in 3rd party tests. It is $24.99 per month to host up to 5 of your sites. If I could force you to use this hosting, I would. It is the obvious choice.

Theme: GeneratePress

When looking for a theme you will want it to be lightweight with clean code. Many themes look good but have way too much cluttered bloated code, which is bad for site speed and SEO.  GeneratePress is awesome and what we are using here. Astra is another fast loading clean-coded theme. These are the best-of-the-best and you can’t go wrong with either choice.

Autoresponder: ConvertKit

I’ve been using ConvertKit for almost 4 years. It has high deliverability and a dream of an interface. Everyone who I have talked into using Convertkit is thrilled with this service.  Activecampaign is slightly more powerful but clunky to use in my opinion. Also, most affiliate marketing is against their TOS and can get you banned, which is why I think ConvertKit is the better choice for most people.

Interested in simplifying your blogging journey?

blogging journey

I’ve been a full-time blogger for over a decade.

My most successful blog is in the fitness niche.

It’s now the middle of 2020 and most of the training I see causes more confusion than necessary.

I plan on changing that.

I decided to create a FREE training (delivered over email and some short 10-15 minute screen capture videos).

I did this same thing back in 2010 and helped a lot of people out. I figured… why not do it again?

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