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About Us pages are kind of awkward to write.

Here’s an idea…

Instead of telling a long drawn-out story, let’s go bullet points.

Rusty Moore’s bullet point autobiography:

  • Born in California but moved to Washington state at a young age and grew up 30 miles south of Seattle.
  • I have a younger and older sister (love having sisters).
  • Went to Stadium High School (pictured above)  in the late ’80s, the same school where the movie 10 Things I Hate About You was filmed.
  • Was voted “Most Unique” senior year.
  • Turned 21 in early ’90s right at the explosion of Seattle grunge (but preferred going to early 90’s raves).
  • Graduated from University of Washington in 1992.
  • From 1992 -2009 mainly managed clothing stores with a special skill of working for terrible Regional Managers.
  • Started a fitness blog in 2007 with the hope of escaping 60+ hour work weeks.
  • My blog allowed me to leave my job on March 6th, 2009 (one of the best days of my life).
  • I like beer fests, cats, boating, outdoor music festivals, beaches, skinny dipping, karaoke at local dive bars.
  • I don’t play sports, but do enjoy games where I can simultaneously sip on beer: ping pong, croquet, bowling, bocce ball, shuffleboard, frisbee golf, pinball, horseshoes, etc.
  • My dream, when I get a little older, is to create a retirement community full of people who want to party. I’ll be in charge of theme nights. If I’m not married at that time… I’ll be 65, single, and ready to mingle. Hellooo ladies!
  • I am absolutely more qualified to teach you about blogging than 99.9% of the population.

When my first blog went viral it was getting was more comments than I was able to answer myself.

A brilliant personal trainer from Bulgaria named Yavor Marichkov was answering more questions on my blog than I was at this point.

In 2010 I hired him as the customer service manager at first, but now we are business partners.

sofia bulgaria

Yavor Marichkov’s bullet point autobiography:

  • Born in Sofia Bulgaria when it was still under communist rule.
  • Grew up with an older sister and half of my good friends are women.
  • Went to the American College of Sofia, an elite high school that had just re-opened after  being closed down for 60+ years due to the communist rule
  • I didn’t grow up athletic but was very stubborn to “learn” how to do it so I ended up on the varsity high school basketball team where I was voted Most Valuable Team Player twice.
  • This led later on to my interest in fitness in my late teens and early 20s. I devoured every possible source I could come across because I wanted to learn how to get good results for people who are naturally not athletic and not genetically gifted.
  • At the same time, I went to University and first studied some Arabic and then Law. I have since forgotten most of my Arabic except for the ability to read the silly tattoos people get. The love for languages has only grown in me though so I went on to study German at the Goethe Institut in Sofia as well as Spanish, Russian, and a bit of French and Italian on my own. Not planning to stop.
  • I worked briefly as a translator/interpreter. Later worked as a personal trainer at the first-ever personal training fitness studio in Bulgaria.
  • Due to my interest in fitness, I discovered Rusty’s blog in 2007 and a few months later started my first web site.
  • Managed to grow that website to a full-time income by 2010.
  • Since then Rusty and I have been working together.
  • I discovered I had a talent and love for drawing and art when I was 6 years old when my mom gave me a book about Leonardo Da Vinci and his life and works. My interest in art has since led me to pursue the study of graphic design.  I create and manage everything related to graphic design and visual identity in our sites and courses.
  • I enjoy books/audiobooks, movies, getting together with close friends, going for walks with friends (used to take my late dog Lucky to the local park daily). Not a fan of loud crowds..
  • I am ALSO more qualified to teach you about blogging than 99.9% of the population.

Rusty and I are teaming up on this blogging project.

We plan on offering this info for FREE at least until the end of 2020.

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